19. Coniferous Woodland

19. Coniferous Woodland

You are in front of a stand of conifer trees. These are the evergreen trees. Find a spot under the trees that makes you believe you’re in a coniferous woodland - go on, jump in!

What do you see and how does it feel?

Measure and record the light, pH and moisture levels here. Collect some items from around you that you find interesting and represent the area and put them in the plastic bag provided. You’ll do the same in a broadleaf area, remember this coniferous area and compare the two.

There are a mix of different species in this stand of conifers (trees with needle leaves instead of broad leaves). Most conifer trees are evergreen (keep their leaves all year round). These woods tend to have lower light levels throughout the year.

Below ground the roots of a conifer tree tend to be quite shallow and spread out in order to max-imise water uptake when it rains.

Did you know…

There are only 3 native conifer species in the UK: Scots pine, juniper and yew.

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