I have a new home!

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truck 2.JPG
truck 3.JPG

Yes, it’s a horse box. A gurt big wooden horse box. It’s been a home for almost four years and now, after a five-month wait, it’s my home.

I’ve been in here for almost two weeks and I have four or five times the indoor space that I had in the Pea, plus a huge covered area outside. I definitely feel like I’m going up in the world!

Having a kitchen with running water is a huge bonus. What am I talking about? Having even just a kitchen is amazing!

The fact that the roof and walls are insulated means that the horse box actually holds the heat, whereas Princess Pea had no insulation at all. The wood burner is big enough to hold whole logs although I do still need to get the hang of it. I seem to either be freezing or boiling, this is not helped by the fact that I managed to snap my indoor thermometer on the first night and now have no idea that the heat is creeping up until it’s too late. I also keep burning myself on the door, which is a bit silly of me.

I didn’t think that I would be so excited about having my sofa back. My family have had it since I was small and it’s still the comfiest sofa I’ve ever been on. The combination of the extra space and somewhere snuggly to sit mean that I can now have guests. I can even have more than one at a time! We’ve had tea and biscuits, watched films, drunk wine, and I’ve even had a friend from London stay for the weekend (lovely to see you Clare!). And there are still more to come. All in my home. You can’t imagine how good that feels.

There will be a few bits and bobs that I will change over time (the first being the urgent addition of a cat flap) and things that I will have to get used to. In the meantime I’m looking forward to the next part of my adventure…

I just wish the pigeon on the roof would leave me alone. 

The bed in the horse box is raised above the cab of the truck. This means that the roof is only a few feet above my head. The large flat roof evidently makes a nice safe area for a large woodpigeon to pad about on and play with acorns. Over the past couple of weeks I have been woken just after sunrise, on a number of occasions, by tiny feet padding across the roof above my head. And acorns. More bloody acorns. Dropped by the pigeon as it tries to eat them. Above my head. Early in the morning. 

Pigeon, stop it. Or your days are numbered...