Gone Fishing

Go Wild Forest School gone fishing.JPG

I have a friend who is an expert fisherman. He can catch anything and knows its habits, its preferences and quite literally how to lure it onto your dinner plate.

I, however, am not so fortunate as to have even an ounce of his skills or experience. I can cast a fly and hook into a pond full of fish and not get so much as a nibble. And this is exactly what happened today. Repeatedly.

As a result of this I have aquired some very good fish gutting skills and so after The Fisherman had caught four beautiful rainbow trout for our tea, it took a few minutes with a sharp knife and some food-grade stretchy gloves and the fish were ready to put on the fire and the dogs and cat had scoffed the spoils.

I always keep things simple with fish so I sliced a lemon and picked some fennel out of the garden and filled the cavities of each fish. I used some twine (which was probably destined for use in the garden rather than the kitchen) to keep the filling inside the fish and placed them on a pre-oiled grill (always oil your grill rather than your food when cooking over a fire to make sure you can remove your goodies easily).

Once the fire had died down to hot embers the grill was rested on some sturdy logs a few centimetres above the heat and the fish were left to gently cook, turning once to crisp up the skin.