Focaccia on a Campfire


Just take a look at that! That's a rather yummy focaccia that one of my level 3 Forest School trainees made on the campfire this afternoon. There was spelt bread too. And banana bread.

On a separate course, somehow we came up with making bread in a bag and it's all too simple and easy not to share! Read on to find out how to make bread when you're outdoors without getting your hands all sticky.


To make the bread mix you will need:

  • 500g strong white flour

  • 5g dried yeast

  • 10g fine salt

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 325ml water

  • Semolina flour for cooking

  • Extra salt and oil for finishing

  • A sturdy, sealable food bag (Ikea do great ones)

  • Some kind of water bottle


  1. DO THIS BIT AT HOME. Put all the dry ingredients into the food bag.

  2. Put the wet ingredients into a water bottle. Go camping.

  3. Once you get where you're going and decide that it's time to start the bread mix off get someone to light a fire and then pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and seal the bag with that little clicky thing at the top, pushing out as much air as possible.

  4. Knead the bread mix through the bag. Give it to the kids, or someone else. It's a lot less boring when you're sat by a fire. You need to do this for about 10 minutes.

  5. Put the bag somewhere warm for an hour or so. Put it under a coat, or in a sleeping bag, or just somewhere off the ground. Remember to check it occasionally to make sure it doesn't explode!

  6. Meanwhile, once the fire has got some good embers going, preheat your oven' by putting the casserole onto the embers and put a few on the top and leave for at least an hour.

  7. Once the bread dough has risen and the oven is hot, open the bag and knock back the dough.

  8. Take the casserole off the fire and remove the lid. Dust the bottom with semolina flour so that the bread dough won't stick. If it goes black instantly your oven is too hot. Tip it out, wait a little and then try again.

  9. Pour the bread dough straight into the casserole, spread out with your fingers and make those little dimples. Sprinkle with posh salt and drizzle with olive oil then put the lid on and put it back into the embers.

  10. Put embers back onto the top of the casserole and leave for about 20 minutes, turning the pot around every 5 minutes to get an even bake.

And at the end of that you should have a lovely loaf of focaccia to munch. If not, it's a good excuse to light a fire and try again!