Elderflower Fizz

Go Wild forest school elderflower champagne

It's a bumper year for elderflower this year. The frothy flowers are everywhere and the scent is incredible. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a few flower heads then why not give this recipe (an old family recipe of mine) a go?


Elderflower Champagne:

2 heads of elderflower

1 1/2 lbs (680g) sugar

2 tbsp (35ml) white wine vinegar

1 gallon (4.5 litres) water

Juice and rind of 1 lemon



  1. Put the heads of elderflower into a bowl followed by the lemon juice, rind, sugar and vinegar.

  2. Add the cold water and leave for 24 hours.

  3. Strain into bottles and ice down (or put it in the fridge)

  4. Elderflower fizz will be ready to drink in 2 weeks.


Elderflower champagne doesn't really keep so it's a truly seasonal tipple.

Do you have any stories or anecdotes about making homebrew? Have you tried this recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

Jackie x